Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tool #8

The link below is a short video about the lifecylcle of a butterfly created by two first graders- Kelly Chan and Catherine Chen. I found this on Teacher Tube!

I think that it is neat to show your class videos that are educational that other students have created. This is a great tool to actively engage your class in learning the content, to motivate them to create their own videos and a fun way for them to learn.

Below is a video with three story problems created by a class and posted on U Tube!

I found this version of Goldilocks by James Marshall on U Tube! Children like to watch videos of stories instead of always hearing the teacher read them. In addition, U Tube or other video sites like Discovery Education are great resources to find materials that you may or may not have in the classroom to assist with your teaching!

Unfortunately, there may be problems or downfalls, sometimes. When I was trying to watch a video it had an advertisement that would not close at the bottom of the video. Also, videos do not always upload when you want them, too. In the past, I had problems with Discovery Education. When this occurs, I tell my kids that we have to be flexible, but it still can be frustrating.

I definitely plan to bookmark the site for further use and tag it as an educational resource.

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