Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tool #10

I downloaded a few Educational Apps and tried to sync them to my I Touch. Unfortunately, I was not able to sync all of them because I think I have the first generation I Touch. I was able to sync the "Guess My Age" app. This app calculates your age based on placing numbers on the screen and you answer yes or no based on whether your age appears on the screen. Then at the end it is able to tell you your age. I have ssen this done before when I went to a training with Anita ? at Summer U and TxTeams. She would guess a number that we all picked by asking us if the number appeared on different slides. There is a method and pattern to this.

Last school year, I took my kids to the library to explore our school set of I Touches. My kids used different apps. This year all of our kids will have access to an I Touch. I look forward to exploring more apps, finding educational apps for my kids to use, and taking it a step further other than just exploraion and navigation.

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