Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I really enjoyed Google Docs and Digital Storytelling. The only downfall to Digital Storytelling was that it took me over a day to get it posted to my blog. Now, that I know how to post it and save it correctly, I look forward to teaching my kids how to use it. It could be a fun project where each student makes a story showing us their family and us getting to know each person better. This would be a a great community building activity.

I have definitely transformed my thinking of learning in my classroom to include technology. With a new school and with more technology resources available, I think that it will be easier to create lessons revolving around different technology tools.

I was surprised that I survived. I think technology is great, but I always start off thinking new tools are going to be hard. After, learning several new tools and not giving up on learning them, I have a better attitude that I can teach my kids more tools to take them into the 21st century of learning!

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  1. Yeah! You finished! And even survived with some new tools you're ready to use.