Monday, July 19, 2010

Tool #1

Wow! Well, it took me aproximately 2 hrs. to complete this task. I started on the wrong foot. I created a blog on whatever I wanted and then realized I was suppose to create a blog regarding the 11 tools. I am excited to learn new technology tools, but it is hard when I have a beautiful 9mth who is crawling and trying to walk. I think my kids will enjoy doing this in our classroom and it will be a powerful learning tool that will help them to learn to write more, discuss more, reveal what they are thinking, and of course learn the latest technology.


  1. I bet it is hard to do this and needing and wanting to be with your beautiful baby! I totally understand! I want to be with my babies because two of them will be leaving for college very soon! The joys of being a working mom.....

  2. Thanks Susan for your comment! I know you completely understand! I hope that you are enjoying your summer and have been able to relax with your girls! Michelle is at my house right now and we were discussing their ages and names. Ok this may not be an appropriate comment to a comment- in other words I am rambling but please tell me the names and ages of your 4 girls. :-)

    Oh and thanks for emailing me about my recipe! You helped me enable the link for all to access.